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I'm Lost

with an evil angel undercover

Don't write in this lj anymore since it was high school life.
, abortion rights, alanis morissette, alcohol, alicia silverstone, alyson hannigan, amber benson, amy lee, angelina jolie, animal rights, anthony stewart head, anti-war, anxiety, bananas, bif naked, bisexuals, black, blood, blue, bongs, bras, bridget jones diary, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, celexa, chocolate, chronicales of narnia, clueless, colin firth, collies, dark red, decorating, depression, dido, dogs, dreams, edmonton fringe festival, eliza dushku, empire records, evanescence, everclear, everlast, family guy, fear, fire, fresh prince of belair, friends, futurama, garbage, glass pipes, great big sea, green day, guys that wear makeup, gwen stefani, hand lotion, happiness, hawksley workman, hide and seek, his dark materials, hugs, incubus, james marsters, jennifer aniston, jessica alba, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, joints, joss whedon, kissing, klonopin, knives, leaves, lighters, loneliness, lust, lyra belacqua, m&m's, maeve binchy, matches, matthew good band, mechanical pencils, meeting new people, men, michael j. fox, muse, music, natalie portman, nicholas brendon, nightmare before christmas, no doubt, northern lights, oasis, off spring, office space, our lady peace, panties, philip pullman, piercings, pillows, pot, pretty in pink, pro-choice, red hot chili peppers, sarah mclachlan, sarah michelle gellar, scizophrenia, seether, seinfield, seth green, sex, shiney things, sixteen candles, smoking pot, social code, social distortion, south park, ssri, staind, star tattoos, stars, tattoos, tegan & sara, that 70's show, the amber spyglass, the breakfast club, the cranberries, the day after tomorrow, the golden compass, the mind, the simpsons, the subtle knife, thinking, thongs, thrift stores, tongue piercings, trust, vanilla, water, weed, weezer, west edmonton mall, whyte avenue, will smith, women